Pizza Hut

No one does family dining better than us!

All our main meals now come with Free Unlimited Salad so you can top up on your greens, reds and yellows to your heart's content.

Pizza Hut MojittoPizza Hut ShakesPizza Hut Milkshakes

Mac'n Cheese Stuff Crust for a limited time only

Great Big Sharer only £26.95

Lunch Buffet Feast on our all-you-can eat lunch deal of Unlimited Pizza, Pasta & Salad!
ADULTS £6.99 KIDS £3.99
Free Unlimited Salad Our world famous salad station is so good we think that everyone should have some! Enjoy FREE Unlimited Salad with every main course at Pizza Hut (pizza or pasta). And don’t forget to finish your salad off with our tasty dressings, drizzles and toppings. Better’s available all day, every day. Now that’s value you can count on.

2 for 1 Cocktails Sunday to Thursday from 6pm

Pizza Hut Heavenly OverheadPizza Hut King Of The CoastPizza Hut Fires & Onion Rings

Unlimited Lunch Buffet

Chicken and Bacon Club Flatbread less than 600 calories

Take Out Dive In Deals From £8.45

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