Eventive Funtime - Funfair

Some of the latest rides from Europe will be visiting StarCity, The Air Raid and Mini Star Flyer are the latest in thrills and experience to reach the UK. There is something for everybody!

The Twister

The Twister is suitable for all the family the Twister is that fantastic ride with giant arms which hurl you around close to ground level with a ‘wheels within wheels’ motion. The ride itself goes round in one direction while the cars rotate in the other, giving the impression that the cars are weaving in and out of each other, slowing and then accelerating at different stages of the rotation.

The Mighty Tango

The Mighty Mango is another spectacular ride where you get to know what it feels like to be attached to a giant pendulum while the car you are sitting in is rotating!

Extreme Reverse Bungee

Prepare for the experience of a lifetime as the bungee cords are pulled tight ready for launch... You’ll know what it feels like to be an astronaut on take off as the reinforced capsule is released and you and your brave companion are catapulted 200 feet up into the air! But what goes up must come down and after a series of massive bungee bounces you’ll be returned safely to solid ground!

twistertangoreverse bungee

COMING SOON! - A great favourite for thrill seekers!

The Air Raid

is a ride for everyone as long as you’re over 4ft tall and enjoy an adrenaline rush! Individuals, groups of friends, families, young and old can have the time of their lives as the ride speeds smoothly and effortlessly in an aerobatic flight in every direction imaginable: up, down, round and round and side to side!